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Building a new computer for multi tasking, web development, maybe games. Would like two or three monitor setup. Any thoughts would be great. My computer is ten years old now(with the original windows XP), my only build.
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  1. What is your budget, region, and purchase date? Will you need an Operating System? Do you already have some of the parts like keyboard?
  2. w/ the little info you've given, all i can say is that you'll prob. need a decent amount of RAM to run things like Photoshop + Dreamweaver smoothly (more than 4 GB)
  3. Budget around $1200 without monitors/keyboard/mouse or editing software. Video card, processor, mother board, ram are my main concerns. I will purchase everything within a couple months. I'm thinking about using Ubuntu. But may try and learn a dual boot with windows 7. Is there any difference from home to ultimate or mostly just marketing scheme. Really like the Amd six core reviews.
  4. The main difference between Home and Ultimate is the ability to boot in XP mode, which is useful for running programs that aren't compatible with Windows7. This is also available in the Professional version as well though. Ultimate adds some additional language support and security features over Professional.
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