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Which Power Supply should I buy?

Well here are my specs, I just bought a new pc turns out the PSU was dead, anyways, here are my specs:

AMD Athlon II x4 620 OEM
Cooler Master Hyper 101a
ASUS M4A78LT-M 760G chipset + ATi 3000
2x 120mm case fans
2x 1TB hard drives (sata)
1x DVD Burner (IDE)
2x 2GB DDR3 SDRAM Mushkin 1066MHz
and I was going to buy a 4830 in about 2 weeks but I have to get a power supply first.
I had a Antec 500watt modular power supply which was bought in 2004, it still performed good as my friend used it with a 9600 GSO the last time,
so I dont know anything about the current power supplies, can anyone help me out, I am on a low budget, like about $50-$55 because I have to get the video card too....

Suggestions please...

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  1. I wouldn't cheap out on the power supply...If it goes, it could take out some (or all) of your other components, then how much would it cost to replace the burnt out stuff? Also, your video card choice will play a big role in picking a power supply.

    Your 500W Antec should be able to get you up and running, but you might need a bigger PS if you get a power hungry video card.
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    First, I'd think about a more modern GFX card (or did you mean 5830) ?

    $59 after $15 MIR

    You could get away w/ smaller but 1) this covers you for any upgrades and 2) any price premium you pay for a 650 watter over say a 500 will be recovered in electric costs savings as PSU's hit peak efficiency at 50% load.
  3. I meant 4830, previous gen ATi Cards, they are selling cheap at $59.99, anyways, I looked up and found corsair power supplies, are they good?
    Like this one:

    And lifetime warranty from Ultra is attracting:

    What do you guys think?
  4. shovenose said:

    This is EarthWatts. And yes, I had Smartpower fail on me, did not want to boot with 8800GT.
  5. yeah earthwatts are good enough. not exactly the best choice of caps were used, but plenty good and it is a reliable and honestly rated psu
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  7. Well, I got that antec but it was DOA :| , so I got Ultra LSP 650 :D , I just started the system up today, just have to install windows again because its not booting
  8. the ultra lsp is a lousy psu...are you sure the psu is doa
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