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Hey there folks!

I am making a case from scratch, and recently got this switch/LED combo from eBay:

However, bad purchase, as I don't really like the switch part of it. If I cut the switch off, and rewired the mobo connectors to a store-bought switch such as this, would it work?:

It says on the page "Rated for 250VAC @ 3A, with 12VDC LED illumination" and I'm pretty dumb when it comes to power requirements/voltages/etc of computers.

Would it also work if I connected up a similar switch to a similar mobo connector and just plugged it into the "reset pins" of the mobo?

Thanks in advance for the help! :D
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    Just connect the switch part connector of your switch to the white&green wires from the mobo switch (bought from ebay), then connect the red+ & white- to the LED part of the switch.

    Just one thing though the LED in the switch is for 12v operation so it might not be running at full brightness (remedy is to connect it to the 12v molex connector (this will not give you the pulsating light indication when the mobo goes into standby)).
  2. Cheers mate. I'm not too fussed about the brightness of the LED, as long as it works! :D
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  4. No problem glad to help.
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