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I'm currently starting to research new parts piece by piece for a Gaming PC i plan to build this year, i have a few things i plan to get but need help deciding on. If you guys have any suggestions or parts i should get for my build please list them :) Thanks.


- Graphics - Radeon HD 5850 1GB

- Processor - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2GHz

- Ram - 4G of DDR3 ( Undecided on type / brand )

- Power Supply - 1000W

- Motherboard - N/A ( Don't Know )

- Hard Drive - N/A ( Don't Know )

- Case - The Cooler Master HAF 932


- Saitek Eclipse 2 Keyboard
- RAZER Lachesis Banshee

Any other parts please suggest.

I'm also wondering if the GTX 460 / 470 is better then the Radeon HD 5850, i never have tried Radeon but i'm willing to give there gfx cards a try, let me know if i should stick with the Radeon or go with a GTX from nvidia.

Like i said please list cases / parts / anything to help me out.

im also unsure if the ( Case - The Cooler Master HAF 932 ) is a good one for a gaming pc please list other gaming cases that may be better.

Thank you.

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  1. Also would it better to order from cyberpowerpc or maybe newegg and build myself?
  2. I'm always a fan of building a PC myself...

    I'm not sold on the AMD Phenom II X6 for a gaming machine.
    Although i've always loved AMD's CPUs... i'd go for an i7 right now, or OC an i5,2731-5.html

    At current price points, i'd go w/ an GTX 470 (I just did). I got the ZOTAC w/ a big fan on it so i could keep things cooler as i tend to push my products w/ a little OCing.

    For your PSU, make sure your not overdoing it by using a PSU Calculator. I've always found NewEggs useful. (Oh, also make sure the PSU is 80+ its an efficiency thing)

    Hard Drives, i'd go w/ a small Solid State for your OS and some games or whatever, and then a larger one for everything else (even your My Documents)

    If your keeping allot of shows, pictures, ect. i suggest getting 2 hard drives in RAID to mirror. Just encase something bad happens (as it just did to me, lost all my movies and photos)

    as for your RAZOR mouse... save 50 or 60 bucks and get a good one from Logitech. It wont have flashy lights on it, but it works just great.
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