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Before i run around the house stealing monitors to hook up to the back of my 5850, i have a question.

Will DVI + DVI + HDMI work as an eyefinity setup? I've read that it will, and I've read that it won't. Which is right, and why?

Thanks for any help,

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    It wont, the 5xxx series natively outputs as display port, so it needs a converter chip to change the signal into DVI/HDMI compatible, it only has two of these so it can only run up to two DVI/HDMI displays without an active converter on the DP to do the conversion for the third monitor for it.
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  3. you need displayport for the third monitor. if you don't want to buy one, you can get an active dp->dvi adapter or a passive dp->vga adapter (for low resolutions)
  4. Awesome, thanks hunter315, that's exactly the explanation i was looking for.
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