Intel Smart Response, 128GB SSD System, 500GBHDDLess Frequent program?

So I have a GA-Z77X-UD5H version 1.1, it has a mSATA port integrated onto the mainboard.

128GB SSD (System Partition.)
2TB HDD - divided 500GB ~ Less frequented programs, 1.5TB - Data
300 GB HDD - From old PC, as just a backup at the moment.

What I was wondering, If i were to buy this crucial CT032M4SSD3 32GB mSATA SSD and put it on the mainboard, and enable intel Smart Response on my mainboard, would I be able to program it to ONLY cache data from the 500GB less frequent program drive? Would this be beneficial? Or is that not possible / would I be spinning my wheels. The other option is Crucial's Cache setup, would it work with that?

Thank you all soo much!
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  1. The purpose of Intel SRT is to give "SSD-like" performance to a HDD with an O/S installed on it. It's basically for people who can't afford a large capacity (120GB and up) SSD to install their O/S, programs, & games.

    So if you're going to use your 128GB SSD as your O/S drive then no, you can't use Intel SRT to cache your HDD.

    You'll have to do some research but I'm pretty sure that Crucial's cache only works on O/S drives as well.

    So save your money and don't purchase the mSATA SSD.
  2. Yes you can set the ssd to cache a hdd that is not the boot drive. But I'd say you don't need it.
  3. From the website Onboard mSATA slot for mSATA SSDs
  4. I see it now, I should have looked harder. When you set up irst you select the ssd and which hdd you want it to cache.
  5. Dereck you are correct about crucial adrenaline. I found it in the product manual. But as k114 was showing, it appears that you can Cache any volume that you wish with ISRT...... I would really be interested in seeing some performance numbers on a setup like this.
  6. What numbers do you want to see? The ssd is going to get ssd performance and you can look up irst benchmarks to see how the hdd+ssd cache handles.,2938-7.html
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