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hi everyone just a quick question if someone could help me i'l be most greatfull.

what is the actual speed of a intel pentium processor E5400
-2.7 GHz
-800 MT/s FSB
-2MB L2 Cache

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  1. 13.5 x 200MHz= 2.7GHz clock speed
  2. Thanks very much i just get confused when working iit out.
    how do you know at how much to times it by
    thanks again
  3. It has quad pumped fsb 4x200MHz = 800MHz fsb
  4. Technically it is a 45nm Dual core Wolfdale CPU from the Penryn Family.

    The full Wolfdale has a 6Mb L2 cache and this variant is labelled a "Pentium Dual core or later Pentium" as it has only 2Mb of L2 Cache ... but architecturally it is a Wolfdale CPU.

    It runs at 2.7Ghz under load but when idle, SpeedStep slows the CPU down to 1.7Ghz (drops X to 8.5).

    I should add these are monster overclockers - just dial the FSB in the bios from 800 (200) to 1066 (266) and reboot @ 3.59Ghz ... should run without even overvolting it.

    3.6Ghz dual core is no slouch ... makes a cheap little gaming rig ... with a decent graphics card.

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