Is this speed normal for a Crucial M4?

So I upgraded to Windows 8 about a month ago, and my fans have been spinning up a TON more than usual (only does this when the cpu is being worked). I looked into it and it seems like my cpu and hard drive activity are both actively hitting 100% pretty often, which used to almost never happen. Took a screen shot of the AS-SSD bench mark, are the randoms normal? Or is this drive usually like this.

Not sure how to just link the picture so I'll link to imgur

4 gigs ram, i5 2xxxm something. whichever mobile one runs at 2.3ghz
Toshiba Portege p56x

EDIT: It appears my img insertion isnt working, heres the link
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    Anyway, for SATA2(3gigabit it seems ok. I will test mine quick. give me a sec)


    Ok your 4k/64 seems to be low. The others while lower do not seem to be that bad.

    How full is the drive? AHCI setup in the bios?

    Also the fans may be working harder if you have dust build up on the system.
  2. It is less than half full, 61gigs free of 107 formatted. And wow my scores do look low now... I'll reboot and make sure AHCI is enabled. I'm positive I had it in AHCI mode under windows 7, not sure if it could somehow disable upon upgrading.

    Also, the fans are just what made me curious enough to check and realize that I was hitting 100% cpu/drive usage, something I never used to do since I only use this comp for word and onenote for college

    Yes, ahci is enabled
  3. Well, if something else is accessing the drive, it will make benchmarks run lower as well. You would almost have to keep the resource monitor open and see if you can track the source of the load(virus scans are on of those things).

    You can also use something like process explorer to see even more info on what is running on your system. I do not recommend replacing the task manager with it.

    Also, my SSD has been babied. less then 800gigabytes written to the flash(wear level of just 6, hell the one my games are on has a wear level of 0 and my windows one has 3, but those are 256 models).

    I am almost going to guess you have a software issue or something. I do NOT recommend benching over and over as it just adds write cycles for nothing.
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