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I have two sapphire radeon hd5850's and I want to be able to overclock past 775/1125 that ccc limits me to, however I have not been able to get any of the utilities to work, does anyone have any ideas, thoughts?
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  1. Have you tried MSI Afterburner ?
  2. Yes,and when I adjust the frequencies and hit apply it goes back to default speeds of 725/1000
  3. Try ATi Overdrive first, I have this problem too with my HD 4770 - with MSI Afterburner I cannot set the core higher than 830 MHz, and the memory at 850 MHz, which are the max speeds that ATi Overdrive support. You could try Riva Tuner, apparently that works on an HD 4770, which I assume will work for the HD 5850 too.
  4. what card do you have?

    the Vapor-x versions actually have a Locked BIOS that prohibit overclocking.

    if you hav the standard versions, you should be able to use MSI afterburner. you must first go into the .ini file tough, and set 'enableunofficialoverclocking' to 1 (deafult 0)
  5. 1^+ my guess is your Bios is locked up. i had the same issue with my 5770
  6. My cards are Sapphire radeon hd5850's in crossfire, my motherboard is an asus crosshair 3 formula and my bios is not locked
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    so its the regular sapphire version? NOT the vapor-x? You are sure that your card doesn't have a locked BIOS (you knwo someone else with the same model you OCs?)

    if so, then did you do as i suggested and make the .ini file change to MSI afterburner? High overclocks don't work by default, that change needs to be made.
  8. okay thanks for the info
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