Silly question about case sizes...

Hi all,

Does microATX case == need low profile ready cards? I don't *think* so, but a reviewer on newegg said "nice low profile case" to the case I bought, so I just want to double check....

Here's the case - is it possible to tell if it needs a low profile ready graphics card?

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  1. It looks like that case you chose out will fit a full sized graphics card, not a low profile one if i'm not mistaken.
  2. to add on to my answer, microATX refers to the motherboard size not case sizes..

    different cases can accomodate different sized motherboard, and this one is called a "microATX case" because it can fit microATX motherboards..
  3. Micro ATX is not Low Profile

    microATX case != low profile

    As for your particular case it will take full height cards so you do not need to use low profile cards. Now you may not be able to stuff a 5970 in there, but I'm sure it would be fine with a pair of 5770s. I also recommend that you replace that power Supply if you want to use any video card that needs a PCI-E connector. While it may be fine with something like a 5770 or 4850, I wouldn't chance it :D
  4. great, thanks for the replies!

    now to start a thread about what gfx card to get.....
  5. IIRC Apevia Q-PACKs are verified good to go for HD 5870 and those are 10.5"
    *****Will fit the 5870******

    Apevia X-Qpack and X-Qpack 2 (MICRO Verified 12 Inches)

    A muscular 600W 80+ PSU would be the best move as well if so hehe

    I have one rig with a similiar casing at home but as it is a HTPC it chugs along with a HD 4670 /w native HDMI ^^
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