Found old pata drive i thought lost bought cant see in win 7

I found an old seagate momentus 4200.2 pata drive out of an hp dv-2 Im trying to get my data off of it and using disk management i can see it but not in my computer there is no drive letter but i can't assign one either please help
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  1. So you are using an Ide cable from the back of the drive, to the 40 pin Ide block of the board.

    The first thing you need to make sure of is what color block you connected to the drive.

    Black block is normally connected for a drive set as a master device.

    And the grey block is for a drive that is set as a slave drive.

    There is a jumper on the back side of the drive this is has to be set to master or slave device, and connected to the right color ide block to work right. Take a look at the pdf file in the link bellow on the drive setup it shows you what pins have to be bridged to make the drive a master or slave device, then connect it to the right color Ide block.
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