guys how is the FSP Saga II 500?

It says 80+ but I hardly doubt it, nor is it on the 80+'s site. Also, my pc is on 24x7, so will there be a lot of difference in electricity bill b/w this PSU and the VX550?

I am planning to add the 5770 to this config:
X2 555 BE unlocked to Quad, might OC to 3.8 GHz.
2x2 GB GSkill Ripjaws 1600 MHz CL9
Elite 430, 5 silent series fans
1 Dvd Writer

Also, anyone can give me a review for this PSU?
How is it actually don't know, but the price at that link looks like STEAL! (its around $30 cheaper than the VX450 here) Also, how is it compared to Gigabyte's superb or Cooler Master's Extreme series, which is btw expensive than this.
Finally, how much amps on the 12 V rails are in this psu, and how much is required to run a 5770?
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  1. fsp psus arent that great. there IS a reason its cheaper. a 450w corsair is better. the percent or 2 difference in efficiency wont really make a difference in the power bill costs
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