Upgrading Pentium III

can install xp program?
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  1. ????
  2. What are the rest of the specs of the system? Is it currently running Windows 98 or 95? Is there some XP-specific software that you need to use? If not, it might make more sense to hold off on an OS upgrade until you can get new hardware.
  3. headers said:
    can install xp program?

    If you have at least pIII 866 with 512 mg ram and no antivirus it would run slowly but would work...

    what is the computer for ?
  4. ahh 287ram nvidea ms6330 acpi bios 1100mhz pro series x some gam`n mostly
    doing this .can it be down loaded i have no disk? need 2 get on myspace firefox2
    need 3.0update but operat`n system 2 old
  5. me program wat hard ware is needed?
  6. it has seagate harddrive not 500 but 3 something fan is high out put
  7. Can anyone actually decipher what this guy is saying?
  8. OK...I think, english is a problem...
    So..here we go...

    Where do you come from and what language can you really understand? (English)
    Asalnya dari negara mana yah? Ngerti bhs apa aja? (Indonesians)
    Woher kommst du denn? Was für Sprachen verstehst du? (Germans)

    Unfortunately...that is all I know...
  9. Sounds like his operating system is too old to upgrade to the version of firefox he needs to get on myspace?
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