How to access external hard disk when it is not detecting

i have WD external hard disk which fell down while using and since then its not been detetected in any computer or laptop, i tried to use it as slave drive to get the data, but there also it shows as unallocated space
please advise as how to retrieve dat
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  1. It sounds like the drive has failed, in which case there is no way to access the data at home. You need to take or send the drive to a professional data-recovery service.

    It is likely that some of the data will be corrupted anyway, that's why keeping backup copies on a different drive is so important.
  2. Put the HDD (the actual 3.5" silver/black Hard Disk Drive, not the PC unit) wrapped in about 14 sheets of newspaper within a series of plastic bag (three layers deep) and put it in your freezer for 4 to 8 hours.

    When it thaws out the actuators and drive heads will probably start moving freely again.

    You shouldn't loose a huge amount of data either.

    - Not this is not a joke!

    Then use TestDisk to recover your data:
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