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I bought a ATI Radeon HD4670 and none of the software will load for it, tells me that the program will not load , when i do all the steps and reboot the monitering program does not load , I did the steps to unistall everything and started fresh but getting the same error messages, any help

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    Where are you installing the software from? Which 4670 did you get?

    There are some AGP versions and if its one of those you need to get the drivers from the manufacturer's site, if its a regular PCI-E version then get your drivers and Catalyst from the AMD site, but reboot in safe mode and use driver sweeper to wipe out the old one entirely first.
  2. I downloaded the software from a cd i got with the card , CD is a Diamond Multimedia Video Cards 2400-5900 PCIe series, then i went to the ATI site and downloaded the updated version , think now i have 2 version of the software on my computer the cd version and the downloaded version , i tried in safe mode with driver sweeper and the program would not load but i used CCleaner
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