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When i play metro 2033 it will load no problem in safe mode which is at a lower resolution, but when i change it to my screen size 1440x900 the whole screen goes to al pixels all different colours flashing is this the game or my card, no other games do it but what baffles me is when i restart my computer it will boot fine but after the windows 7 logo it will go back to the pixels?

thanks for any help
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  1. it sounds like your card is overheating and is artifacting or your power supply dont
    have enough power or corrupted video ram
  2. i have had this problem before but goes away everything work ow k until i go to metro 2033 as for temptures between 35-40 normal 40-55 when playing games
  3. it still might be your psu as when you play that game it utilises you whole system
    like cpu
    gpu so when theyre all underload together the power becomes insufficient
    or your gpu is just dying
  4. well it seems i have to play the waiting game and see what happens thank you anyway :)
  5. Make sure you already installed the driver properly...
    Get the latest driver from ATI site.
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