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Hello all,
I have recently been having wifi connection issues, its kind of strange to say the least. In anticipation, I will let you know a few things: First, Im running Windows Vista, with comcast internet and a linksys WRT54G2 router. Now, I can get other wifi to work, ie other roommates, and others can use my roommates wifi (we will call it mine to avoid confusion) just fine, however when i try to use my main roommates wifi I am constantly getting slow speeds and disconnects. I thought it is my wifi card but I no longer think that as my friends wifi works fine for me, and i know the problem isnt with the actual router, as my other friends can connect to my wifi. Any advice on how to solve this would be amazing as it is quite frustrating. If anyone needs any more details let me know and I will provide it fast as I will be closely monitoring this thread. P.S. Im on the main wifi now and it is working decent at best. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Does it speed up when everyone else is sleeping?
    A faster computer could be taking up the bandwidth leaving you with scraps.
  2. No it stays relatively within the same speed, I mean on occasion it will work really good like its supposed to, but it seems to have no pattern to it.
  3. Is your adapter the same speed as everyone else?
    Have you tried replacing drivers for your adapter?
  4. Not sure about the speed as I dont know enough about computers to know that much, however, I can tell you that I have a intel wireless wifi link 4965agn and that the drivers are up to date
  5. Anybody around that can help, this is becoming quite the issue for me and I would very much appreciate the help.
  6. "my friends wifi works fine for me, "
    Does this mean you put someone elses adapter in your computer and it worked fine?(fast) and your adapter in your computer is slow?
  7. Mhelm1, what I mean by that is that when I go to my friends and use his wifi, my adapter, his router, it works fine. But at the same time when my friend comes over and tries his laptop on our adapter it also works fine. The problem seems to exist either between my adapter and our router (which I doubt because I have been on plenty of wifi routers before and not had problems) or somewhere with the signal the router itself is sending and my laptop adapter picking it up.
  8. Put your buddy's adapter in your computer and verify if it's your adapter.
    Now, is there something nearby that will cause interference. Remote wireless phones, walkie talkies, wireless speakers, microwave running, bluetooth devices.
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