Is this possible? Slim mATX for lower end Phenom X4 "gaming" PC?

It's been years since I've built a computer as I've had no need for a PC... especially a desktop. I am looking to build a decent computer for some mild gaming (i.e. Civilization 5 etc). I really want to use one of the slimmer more-HTPC type micro-ATX cases like, but not necessarily, this:

Is this possible (mostly from a heat and power perspective) with a 3.4 GHz Phenom II X4, SSD, 2x2GB DDR3 ram, and low-profile Radeon? I don't even want a CD/DVD drive or an additional HDD. On-board sound is fine etc.

Suggestions for a PSU?
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  1. For me at least a cube/shoebox which allows housing a standard ATX form factor PSU and non low profile GPUs which won;t limit your frames in the long run
  2. the main limit of HTPC type cases is that they cant handle a full-height card. You'll want a larger HTPC case to handle a modern graphics card. Half height limits you to a HD5570 or GT220, or a 2-generations old 9800GT.
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