Will my Silencer 610 PSU be good for i7 2600K

Hey guys,

I am looking to upgrade in the new year to probably the i7 2600K. And add another ATI 5850 for crossfire (maybe, I only play at 1650 x 1050 res, but looking to upgrade the monitor at a later date as well). I used to check power rating and based the CPU on an i7 950 which has more power draw then the i7 2600K. and 3 sticks DDR3 ram and everything else I am keeping. It tells me min is 469 watt PSU and recommends a 519 watt PSU. Is there any reason I would need to upgrade my PSU for the i7 2600K. I am trying to keep the cost down as much as possible as long as I have enough power. I do love the silencer. it is probably one of the best PSU's I have had. Thanks guys.

I have a E8400 o/c 3.6 ghz. 4 gig ddr 2 ram. P5K-E ASUS mobo.
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  1. Your Silencer should handle that fine.
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    itll be totally fine. the pc power &cooling silencer is a very good psu, and it peaks at more than 610w. and keep in mind that psu calculators always overstate whatyou need, so its recommendation is already more than what you really need.
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  4. Thanks Shovenose for the answer man. I appreciate it.
  5. no problem
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