Recover lost partition from windows 7

Using paragon partition manager, i tried to redistribute free space between two of my drives. But unfortunately, a boot problem occurred hence and i had to fix mbr in order to boot.
But then I could see ONLY those two drives and that of windows; the rest had disappeared. Not losing hope, I undeleted those partitions using paragon successfully. But the free space which I had to allocate remained free. Now as I tried to mount that free space in one of my drives from computer management, suddenly everything went 'unallocated'. And paragon didn't work as it said "HDD I/O Error" multiple times when i tried to run undelete again.
Now as I restarted, Win 7 is not booting. I tried repairing using repair disc, but it did not find any installed OS and hard drive as such and hence none of 'bootrec.exe /fixmbr' or /fixboot worked. And it never boots.
I cannot afford to lose my data. Please help.
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