Sabertooth x58 boot issue

hey everyone,

I just build my first PC and it wont boot! I thought it was a connection problem, but now im not so sure. I brought it into work to my IT guy and he said everything was connected properly.

the motherboard is getting power...when i turn the PSU on the green LED on the MB lights up. Now when i hit the power button on the case the cpu, mem and PSU leds flash for a split second and the CPU fan jerks, then nothing else happens. I am runnng a 500w PSU, 2x4gb sticks of ram(tried booting with just one), core i7 3.06ghz, radeon xfx 5750 vid card, 750 gig hdd, dvd burner.

i feel like i have checked everything, does anyone have any suggestions to what i may be doing wrong?

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The first three things I'd look at are your HSF, Standoffs, and Headers to the case.

    Common shorting:
    1. HSF - if it has a metal backplate then add plactic washers; you don't want metal to MOBO direct contact. If it's the stock HSF then you're okay.
    2. Standoffs - unscrew both the MOBO and PCIe screws, pull the MOBO away from your case away from anything conductive including the I/O, and supported by a towel. Power on.
    3. Headers - sometimes even a shorted mouse or case USB etc can cause a post/startup failure. Disconnect ALL headers except HSF and Power {the power can be disconnected - simply use a screwdriver and short the PWR+ & PWR-/Ground}.

    I am assuming the 8/24-pin and HD 5750 6-pin are connected to the PSU and the PSU is good/properly sized. And that the Tri/Dual Channel RAM kit is installed as follows -

    If the above fails then you need to post ALL of your components above generic guessing {GPU, PSU, and RAM}

    Let me know and Good Luck!
  2. hey, thanks for the post. i actually just got it to boot up! i took out the cpu and reseated it and suprisingly enough it booted up! i was shocked. when i put it in originally everything lined up properly, not sure why i needed to take it out and put it back. but i dont care, i finally got it to start!
  3. Glad to hear, though CPU pin issues is/was more common to the LGA 1156 than the LGA 1366.

    Since there 'was' a CPU pin issue my strong piece of advice is to look at Resource Monitor and verify that all of your RAM is showing-up; yet another common CPU pin problem:
    Resource Monitor {normal for X58 is 5MB~20M}:

  4. thanks jaquith! i will check that out once i get the OS loaded!
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