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Hi all,

Recently, someone gave me an old PC.
I'm fixing/tuning it right now, and I was wondering if the fan was blowing in the right direction.
It's a rather strange system (IMHO). The cpu (I think an old AMD) is located at the very top left of the case, with the fan blowing UPWARDS, sucking air away from the CPU. (It's a 7000rpm fan that sounds like an airplane, so I'm also buying a fan controller :D). This way, the top of the case gets quite hot. Also, the PSU is located about 3cm away from the top of the heatsink.
Should i turn the fan upside down, so that it blows air into the HSF and my case?
I know this all sounds quite vague, so I'll upload a picture later.

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  1. not sure what heatsink you have on that so I'll wait for pics,
    no rear exhaust fan?
    and dont put a controller on your cpu's fan, the mobo controls that
    it may be that you need to re-do your thermal paste, depending on how old it is ofc
  2. I don't think it's a temperature issue.
    Mobo says CPU temp is 38.C, and it still keeps running at 7180(!)RPM
    Pic will come tomorrow. (I'm recovering some data from the HDD, which is going quite slow right now)
  3. Here are two pictures of the fan:

    The fan blows air AWAY from the heatsink (Into the top of the case, which gets hot because of that).
    Also, i now know why my fan keeps spinning at 7000+ rpm.
    It's because it's attatched to a regular molex cable like this:

    Can I safely rewire the red and black wire into this 3-pin cable (I think blue one is for data), and if I can, which one should be next to the blue cable?


  4. You could wire the two power lines into that 3pin,
    You'll have to identify the mobo model and find a pinout guide online somewhere (probably on manfs website first option)
    or you could buy a new cpu fan that already has a 3pin line set up, given the age of the unit I'd feel safer you doing that to be honest, new fan works better/quieter plus your not fiddling with wires and potentially frying your components.
    measure the cpu fan and see what replacement units are available on newegg or down your local pc shop
  5. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the advice!
    I however don't want to spend money on this PC if possible.
    And what do you mean by manfs website?
    Could you perhaps check; i have an Asus A7V266, rev.1002C

    Are you sure about the blowing away from HS?
    I thought that al modern CPU fans blow air towards the HS? Or is that just my imagination?
    And about the thermal paste; I'll try, but the real issue with this cooler is space. I think removing and re-installing it will be a pain in the *ss, beacuse it's very close to the PSU. (Who on earth would design a case like this?)
  6. Nvm the question about manfs website, I already found a manual with layout, thanks for the tip!
  7. Bump.
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