How to remove the virus in hard disk that can't be reformat


I had a problem about my Netbook (LGX12 3G) , after it will start normally as all of the icon in the desktop show up, after a moment it will hang up and I can't click or open any programs even in the start menu and task bar but still I can move my cursor. I tried to format my hard disk but it can't be format, I've tried to reformat it's OS it always go to a blue screen.

>>Can I still format my hard disk?
>>What equipment I can use in order to format my hard disk?
>>Should I change my hard disk?
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  1. Why is the title of this thread?: "How to remove the virus in hard disk that can't be reformat"

    - You can't format a HDD while it's in use.

    - Do you have an original Windows OS disc to re-install with? (You can format using this as it loads an OS from the disc, leaving the HDD 'not locked by the OS' so it can be formatted, or repartitioned, etc. till your heart is content).

    FYI: It sounds like your HDD might have given up; if it can't seek then Windows can't page (or potentially page) which signals the OS to freeze and 'stop time' until the storage subsystem (your HDD) starts working again.

    It might also be that you have so much cr&p installed that your system chokes itself the moment you log-in.
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