2 GTX 460s or 1 GTX 480

Title says it all.

Should I go with 2 or 1? The 480 costs $500 and 2 460s cost $480

Would going with the 2 460s put strain on the processor (I plan on getting an AMD Phenom II X6), and result in a decreased performance?

Thanks ahead of time!
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  1. 2 GTX 460 outperform 1 480. However, with AMD, you're stuck with a generation older hardware in the nvidia 980a if you want SLI
  2. 2xgtx460 is stronger than a single gtx480 but there goes all of your pciex16 slots if you have only 2.
    I say get a single and add another one later. you will then have 2xgtx480 :D
  3. If you have an AM3 mobo with AMD chipsets you can't SLI on it. You may consider this one, from what people say on the tubes it trades blows with the 480.


    Or some other 5870.
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