RAID vs single drive: same speed

Hi, Right now i am quite confused, because my new RAID-0 array from 2 disks has nearly same performance than single Disk (disk used for this raid)
I was testing speed in HD tune and it seemed very good: nearly 2x performance, But then i tried load and save quite big file in 3ds max and also in photoshop (cca 1,5gb) result: exactly same time!!!
So i am asking, what is wrong?

My configuration:
MB: ASUS-P9X79 -LGA2011
HDDs: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1000GB -ST1000DM003
RAID driver on board: Intel C600 series chipset

It would help have external RAID card?
Thanks for any help

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  1. have you set the raid in bios or is it a software raid?
  2. Your average went up almost 120MB/sec. It's possible that file saves might be limited in speed by the software generating and parsing the save file, or another limitation like CPU speed, etc. HDTune shows raw read/write speed, and your gains are typical of using an onboard Intel RAID in that situation.
  3. Thanks for answer,
    alvine: i set through bios (CTRL +I)
    mavroxur: i think not. CPU is used about 3 %,
    I tried also load image sequenge into composition software (fusion) and this same result).
    maybe would be better try save file into ramdisk i will try
  4. mavroxur: You were right! saving/loading with Ramdisk its very similar to HDD in all application :o
    ramdisk is faster only about 5-10%. processor loading is 5%
    what's realy limit of my system?
  5. I recommend an SSD.
  6. SSD is no solution for me.
  7. zdbc13 said:
    I recommend an SSD.

    I don't think an SSD is going to help, since he doubled his raw read/write speed, and saving typically isn't very IOPS intensive.

    OP - Have you tried watching your disk perf monitor during a save?
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