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GTX 260 driver crash

My gtx 260 sonic crashed when playing gta IV and tf2. It is not a heat problem since furmark only gets it to 70C. My gtx260 did that at stock speeds. Windows 7 x64, driver 258.96. It never happened in vista 32bit + ??? drivers
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  1. Please list your full specs.
  2. antec 300, 4gb gskill, phenom II 545 x2, ocz z series 550watt, palit gtx 260 sonic, WD1tb + 80gb backup. Cpu is linx stable 100 pass on 2048memory and prime 12 hours stable. Memtest86+ passed.
  3. Are you getting constant crashing with blue screen or any kind of errors?
    Are they just freezing?

  4. no error except that nvidia driver has stopped responding. No bsod. when it froze in gta 4, it just froze without error
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    Please give us a call at toll free 1877-937-7943.

    Thank you
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