okay. my laptop has a intel core 2 duo t5550 @1.83 ghz. im wondering if it is possilbe to upgrade this cpu for reasons of it being a few years old. dont have enough for a new rig. and just a boost would do.

if you can post upgrades IF i can. then pleaseeee do. it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I hate to be the bearer of BAD News, But the Proceser in most Toshiba laptops is sodered in place.

    You can change the proceser if you have a sodering tool & a good soder sucker.
    Your next problum will be finding some where to buy the new proseser, they are
    rather diffacult to find.... You can't just put in l a desktop prosesor.

    In wish you LUCK!
    But one wrong move, & it is NEW MOBO time!

  2. Hi mrcampatl,

    Have you opened your laptop to check if the CPU is soldered into the motherboard?
    If not I believe your socket must be mpga478 right?

    With that socket I believe you are not allowed too many upgrades, mainly the Pentium 4 as this socket does not support the Core 2 Duos and newer processors.

    Hope that helps

    PS: Ooops yea I'm sry I wrongly crossreferenced the ppga478 with pentium 4s which are on Socket 423, 478 and LGA 775 sry... What I meant to say is that there isn't much choice for the upgrade because it doesn't support the newest CPUs...
    My bad :??:
  3. A T5500 is a mPGA478 chip. And you're incorrect Gefthebest, even though it's a 478 pin socket, the Pentium 4's and C2D mobiles moved the position of the key pin. They're completely different busses. Most laptops don't have soldered processors like previously stated. They're usually in a socket. Most laptop BIOSes have a limited range of processors they will support. From my previous experience, if you stay in the same family of processor with the same FSB, your chances are good. a T5850 is a 2.17GHz version of the CPU you have, but that isn't much of an upgrade from a 1.83GHz. The only way you can get any better is to go to a higher FSB, but most laptops don't support doing that.
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