AMD 965BE Running HOT - 78C, What To Do?

I know something is wrong here and I don't know what to do. I have had this computer for about 6-9 months and have never noticed any issues with it. Basic specs are the AMD 965BE running at all factory defaults, 4GB of some DDR3 RAM, ASUS HD5830 at factory defaults, and a Gigabyte MicroATX UD2H Mobo.

The CPU is about 44C when it is IDLE but when I test it with Prime 95 it skyrockets to almost 80C. I checked the temp with both AMD Overdrive and CPUID HWMonitor.

I am just on the stock CPU cooler right now. I know I should be using an aftermarket cooler but I would rather not have to spend the money on one right now, though that might be my only option.

Any ideas guys? I could really use some help on this one. Is my CPU possibly damaged at this point? Maybe the thermal sensor isn't working properly? Should I just bite the bullet and get a new heatsink/fan? What is a cheap option that will work well for me?

Thank you to anybody that can help me out.
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  1. There's something wrong with your sensor. Max temp on a Deneb CPU is 62C. It would have died long before reaching 80C. The stock cooler works fine, I've had my Phenom II for almost 2 years and it still humming along strong with no issues whatsoever. The fact that your computer still works is a testament to the fact that your CPU never went to 80C. :sol:
  2. I wouldn't be so sure, just because the max recommended temp is 62C doesn't mean it blows up over that temp.

    Could be that you need to re apply your thermal paste. Make sure you give the heatsink and cpu a good clean b4.

    Try that and check your temps with HWmonitor, if you decide to get a new cooler the Hyper212+ is good value.
  3. If the AM3 version is any thing like the AM2+ version of your motherboard -- if you have left the vCore on *Auto* it will seriously over-volt the processor.

    Enter the Bios and set the voltage manually -0.125v and that should cool things off nicely.
  4. Well, I went out and got a new cooler, Cooler Master 101. I know it isn't the best but it was cheap and I had an extra 80mm fan so I attached that to the heatsink.

    I got some more Arctic Silver 5 since I was out (I don't like the Cooler Master thermal compound) and applied it following the Arctic Silver guidelines (as I alway do). The reported temperatures are still the same and hover around 78C under load.

    At this point I am certain it is an issue of a bad sensor. When under load I am always getting 78C whether I drop the voltage, increase the voltage, or increase the multiplier. I also let Prime95 run for about 4 hours and had no issues. If heat were actually an issue I am sure I would have had some major issues at some point.

    So now I have a new cooler when I really didn't need it, oh well. I am running stock right now but I might go ahead and overclock it a bit.
  5. I'm with beanoslim on this. I wouldnt be sure it's a sensor issue. Have you tried speed fan or cpuid??
    Please be aware that the cooler you are using is rated for a max of 95watts and that maybe overstated. I wouldnt run my 965 on that cooler and wouldnt OC the chip at all. The 965 is a 125watt chip stock. The hyper 212 is a much better cooler, or if you dont want to pull the stock mounting plate off of the motherboard the hyper TX3 (by cooler master) is OK and should control your temps at least at stock settings. I mean the pc case, storage location, room temp all play a part in temps too. Does the temp drop if you run it with the side door off?
    Please don't OC your chip on that cooler bro and dont trust that you have a sensor issue either.
  6. My side panel is always off just because I am too lazy to put it on after I have to open up my computer for whatever reason. When I compare the new cooler master with the stock cooler, all the temps are pretty much identical.

    If I knew I could get a refund for the cooler from Fry's I would take it back but the hassle of taking apart my entire computer again isn't how I want to spend my Christmas after doing it once already.

    Fry's didn't carry the 212 but they did have the TX3, i think.
  7. This temp of 78C, whats telling you that?

    Coretemp, HWmonitor, Speedfan, try them all.

    Running you cpu hot is like red lining your ride, it probably won't blow your engine but it won't do it any good long term.

    Strange that its always 78C even after changing the voltage as Wisecracker suggested.
  8. tried all of those programs, also tried the AMD overdrive whatever it is called and it reports the same temp when full load.

    When i go into BIOS and the CPU is idle it reports temps of around 55C as well, which seems much higher than it should be.
  9. 55c is about where my cpu's run under load so something is up if the temp is right.
    You might have said already but are all 4 cores hot?
  10. Well, if the sensor is really off then I suppose you have nothing to worry about. Dust can sometimes cause a TON of heat build up, so try cleaning that out.
  11. Just to confirm you give the heatsink and cpu a good clean with Arcticlean or something similar.

    Small dot of AS5 in the middle of the cpu and fit heatsink.

    If this is the case it shouldn't be that hot, basically your choices are.

    1. Try the cpu in a different machine.
    2. Try a more powerful heatsink.
    3. You have a faulty cpu you could possibly return.
  12. Well, now I feel like a complete idiot.

    I got rid of the CM Hyper 101 and bit the bullet and got the CM Hyper N 520. Temps are currently showing right around 57C when under full load after 10 minutes.

    I don't know why the stock cooler wasn't working properly but everything is running well now and the fan on the new cpu is actually quieter so that is a bonus.
  13. So your cpu was getting hot, seems like you've done the right thing then.

    Just stress test it with 8hrs of P95 to make sure its ok.

    Glad you got it sorted.
  14. I'm glad you didn't fry your chip. That cooler should give you plenty of OC room.
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