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Hi guyz i have been browsing the internet for compatibility of physx on ati cards and it seems that physx can run on ati cards but the physx driver version should be 185.5 or something. Is it really true that ati cards can run physx games like mafia 2 and other games?
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  1. No, ATI cards do not have the capability to do CUDA which is why nVidia uses to offload physics to the GPU. You can run an nVidia card along side ATI cards and have it do the physX processing, but you cannot run PhysX on a GPU without an nVidia card.
  2. hmmm thanks for the reply and one more thing how can i run an nvidia card alongside with ati card if i want to run physx processing. Can you give me a tutorial? or any link to a specific website?
  3. In order to run an nvida card along side an ati card you must have vista or win 7. xp will not support that.
  4. i got windows 7 running in my computer. And one more thing i wanted to play mafia 2 in physx. I heard they're are physx tweaking kits for your ati card to play
  5. i had it working with a 5970/9800GT using latest drivers (for both) and the hybrid physx mod

    spend a lil time here and it'll explain itself a bit

    good luck
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