EVGA 240 vs HIS HD 5750 ICEQ+

hi guyz i have been looking for a graphic card that can run high power games like gta iv and many other games. i have chosen these two cards and they all cost me like 150 dollars. i wanted to know your opinion which should i buy?
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  1. my pc specs are :-
    Intel Quad Core Q8300 2.55 ghz
    4 gb ddr2 ram
    500w coolmax PSU
    Zotac Geforce 9500 gt 1gb ddr2 GPU
  2. i assume you mean the Nvidia GT240. The ATI 5750 is the better card but GTA IV is a piss poor console port (graphic engine wise, not the game itself) that hogs CPU cores.
  3. The 5750 is the faster of those cards. GT240 is a bit faster then the 9600GT, while the 5750 is equals with the GTS250. Not sure what the power draw is of the GT240, but I know the 5750 is less then an 8800GT.
  4. with his 500w PSU, power for either card is not an issue. GT240 & ATI 5750 power consumption below

  5. I have bought HIS HD 5750 ICEQ+ and i can say that this card is much better than Nvidia geforce 240. My brother recently bought this Zotac nvidia geforce 240 and it seems to run like a toaster with temperatures going like 75 C while playing lock on 2 with 24 C room temperature. I wonder what will happen if i overclocked the nvidia card :D
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