No Overclocking on Sandy bridge procs?

So, there has been some speculation that the new processors that are coming out (or, rather, are already out in some locations) will not be able to overclock. I've actually known about that fact for some time now, however I'm bothered by it a lot now. The reason being because I was considering getting it primarily for use as a gaming/htpc/everyday use kind of rig...I was looking towards getting the i5 2400 or 2500 models and pairing it with a GTX 570. I may even consider sli at some point. My question is, if I use the GTX 570 in sli, or a single card for that matter, will it cause a bottleneck? In many cases when that happens a simple overclock of the cpu may suffice, but unless you purchase a "k" proc with the unlocked multiplier I'm told thats not happenin with the other processors..

I hope I am being clear with my question here...I actually just purchased a crosshair iv formula and was going to get a 1090t till i discovered more info on the my needs into consideration..should i just get a sandy proc, or just build with what i have? Seems like althought the i52400 is clocked at 3.1 ghz..this quad core will move a lot faster than the 1090..and, it would be cheaper..please..give me some input..I already appreciate the opinions of the people on tom's..I can make a more re-assuring decision.
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  1. Considering how fast SB is supposed to be I doubt you'll see them bottleneck anything in the near future. If you're that worried about it, get a K chip.
  2. yeah..see...i have no problem with the k processors because of the easy overclocking..however, the price premiums will be something I would like to avoid..but...ill probably see some reviews and decide after..the 1090t was lookin like a sweet dealk..but at 200...SB looks like it may be a good contended
  3. The K series aren't looking like they'll be that expensive - as I recall, a 2500k should be something like $11 more than a 2500.
  4. I've seen pricing that puts it at around $100 more, which I'm more inclined to believe. For the first time the K series adds something people want, so expect Intel to charge for it.

    Either way however we are looking at leaks, etc. We'll know for sure semi soon.
  5. Very true - all information right now is somewhat suspect, as it's all leaked and guessed, rather than official Intel pricing.
  6. Most leaks and price charts put the "K" variants of SB not that much more expensive than the OC limited ones. As in like $15. I believe the 2600K is aimed at around $300-325. Unfortunately, its impossible to buy a OC enabled 4C/8T CPU below $300. It jumps right down to the 2600, priced around $285-300, and then the 2500K, priced around $215-220, however that only has 4C/4T.
  7. Yeah..that's true..the k chips aren't supposed to be all that expensive which is not so bad..I'm certain the prices are accurate ...looks like I may return or sell my Crosshair iv
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