Logical Drives error

Hello, I am getting error msg; 2 logical drives found on host adapter, 1 logical drive failed, 2 logical drives handled by BIOS..

Completely lost here.
PowerEdge 400sc
Windows 2000 Server
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  1. Sounds like it might be a HDD in an array on a rather dated PowerEdge server has failed.
    - Get your local PC Technician to check your server for hardware faults.
  2. ^+1. You have two arrays (maybe a raid 1 for the OS, and a raid 5 for data). In 1 of these arrays, there is a failed hard drive. You may be able to see an indication of the failed drive by looking at the server. Usually a failed drive will have an amber light instead of a green light - some older servers do not have any indicator lights.
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