Pulling out my desk to sort some cables out and i seemed to forget that i had my case on the floor under the desk. I had it sideways and long story short i knocked the damn thing over! This made a massive bang obviously.

The problem i have now is that i cant get any video output from my graphics card. I would like some pointers on what to do to find out what if anything is broken.

I have checked all parts and connectors and cannot see any damage, and i checked everything was plugged in to make sure nothing has come loose.

I have plugged the graphics card in the other PCI-E slot to see it would work then, Nothing! :(

When i turn on the computer t seems to power up, Lights are the fan goes and the HDD seems to spin, my monitor just says " No Signal" wen on the PC channel.

my specs:
9850 phenom be
8gb ocz reaper ddr2
150gb raptor x hd
asus m3n32 mobo
coolermaster 750 psu
5770 powercolor + model

Cheers for any help posted.

If you need any morew information please let me know. Thanks
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  1. Do you have another gpu to test or onboard video that you can test?
  2. Not too hand thats the thing i have a PCI card so i can test those slots but i cant test the card and i cant test the PCI-E slots. So unless i waste money on a card or a motherboard im stuck.

    Is there no other way i can test / check the mobo and GPU? some way of checking for damage on the contacts?

    Would it be a good idea to take the computer completly apart and have a look at every part in detail?
  3. Oh an the mobo doesnt have on board video!
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