C drive almost full

I downloaded a program 2 or 3 times, I deleted it every time because I could not install it correctly.
Last time I tried it was ok and now the program works.
The problem is that C drive is almost full even though the program is 3.2 GB. Could this be because the program is not really gone from C drive ? What could take up so much space and how can I solve this problem ? C drive is 50GB in total and 46GB full.
Thank you.
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  1. right click on your drive and go to properties , go to tools, disk cleanup
  2. Did that, I went to uninstall programs and uninstalled it from there too every time.
    Can it still be somewhere ”hidden” ?
    All folders are visible (checked the option from computer folders options).
  3. right click on your drive and go to properties , go to tools, Disk cleanup
    - He wants you to run Disk Clean-up with most of the boxes checked, not click uninstall on the other tab.

    - It's probably accumulated System Protection and/or Restore Points (my bet, but we'll get to that later).
  4. to free up your computer space you can also download ccleaner and run their tools to get rid of your old backups, web browser cache and so on
  5. I did clean it up and I also uninstall the program.
    I”ll try ccleaner but I am still waiting for other ideas
  6. 50 gig isn't that big for an OS drive. Win 7 uses ~20 gig. A few games/programs can eat up the rest fast.

    1. Reduce your pagefile size and make it a fixed size or remove it if you can.
    2. If you don't use hibernate, turn it off so that it will delete the huge hiberfil.sys file.
    3. If your OS is in good working order, use disk cleanup to remove all but the last restore point.
    4. Run disk cleanup or CCleaner.
    5. If you still don't have enough space, consider removing older programs or migrating to a larger drive.
  7. The thing is that it was not that full before I installed the program. Now with 3.4 GB more it”s almost full and before that I used to have about 15 GB free.
    My guess is that the program was not fully deleted from C drive and that the other 3 attempts to delete it were partially unsuccessful.
  8. Then I suggest you get a copy of windirstat. It will display a graphical interface of your files and folders helping to easily find where large files are at. if you still find nothing, then i suggest you run disk cleanup and have it delete all but the last restore point. Restore points are usually hidden from the system.

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