GTX 460 1Gb vs 2 Sapphire 5770s?

same says it all, superclocked GTX Fermi or 2 sapphire HD 5770's crossfired
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  1. including price/performance
    340$ vs 240$
  2. in games that support CF, the 5770's would win out most likely. as the better set up, I would go with the GTX460.
  3. Your mobo supports only crossfire? If yes, then go for 2 5770s, but in that case I would go for a 5850 personally. If it supports sli, nothing better than getting 2 gtx 460s.
  4. ASUS EVO 880. Does it support SLI? its got enough PCIe Slots
  5. Sorry mate, it doesnt support sli. You are only down to 3 options:
    2 5770
    1 5850
    2 5850
    The pcie slot in crossfire one is 4x. So, two 5850s will be bottlenecked. So, in short yeah, go with either 1 5850 or 2 5770(personally i would go with one 5850 if the price difference isnt more than 30$ in 5770s favor)
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