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I'm planning on building a my first computer and looking for a little more advice. I'm planning on primarily using it for gaming, with web and media usage also. So I'm not going to go crazy with anything, but I would like to run games at their highest settings and will be gaming on a 1920x1200/1080.

I was planning on buying AMD for the price/performance considerations, but I suppose I'm open to other suggestions as long as they stay in budget. In mind were a PhenomIIx4 965 with a new 6series GPU. I am wanting to future proof my computer for a few years to avoid upgrades since top of the line isn't that important to me. So I have two questions:

1> From reading the reviews a 965 should be adequate. But for future purposes would a Phenom II X6 1100T be a wise investment or would that just be too much over kill? I like the feature where it'll drop into a tri-core and run at 3.7GHz. Main reason why I pick this is because it's a hexacore for 260, but otherwise I'm setting a CPU limit right around 200 dollars. With futureproofing for the next few years I'm also considering dual-GPUs, so would either bottleneck the system at stock speeds?

2> I've dug around and think I've settled on a 6970 right now, and then when that becomes inadequate/later down the road purchase another 6970 and CF them. However I've seen some people talking that a next-gen graphics release usually are better than the previous gen CF'd. Is that usually the case or is that a pretty safe rout to go? GPU I suppose up to 360 dollars is my budget there, so once again nVidia or AMD, doesn't matter as long as it's in the price range.

Thanks for the advice and merry Christmas!! :hello:
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  1. Awesome thanks for the posts so far. I think I am going to go for an AM3 processor and eventually throw it on a AM3+ motherboard when those come out.

    How do I determine if the CPU will bottleneck the GPU? I'm planning on eventually 6970x2, would the 965 cause problems?
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