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I was using my computer when the electricity suddenly disappeared and computer obviously was shut down. The electricity came back, i tried to turn on the computer. Just a little detail, at first the monitor wasn't working, had to re-plug it but it worked out well. Anyway, the main problem is that the computer turns on, asks if to start the computer normally or safe mode, etc. Then appears the 'windows' loading screen as usually. When it stops loading, a blue screen with some kind of text appears for less than a second and the computer restarts and tries to boot again, but unsuccessfully. And this restarting goes on doesn't matter in which way i start the computer. May I ask for some help?
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  1. Does it start up in safe mode?
    Seems like the power outage could have corrupted something...
  2. Sounds like you may have been installing something or saving something? What version of Widows are you running?
  3. If you are able to enter safe mode go to the control panel and then system then advanced at startup/recovery click on settings and uncheck the automatic restart. then let us know what the blue screen is displaying.
  4. Popping in your windows install disk and trying an auto recovery function that does not involve 'system restore' is a quick and easy way to remedy some problems. With a windows 7 install this is particularly nice-and-easy. By no means expect this to work, but if it does, be grateful for the time and effort saved.

    Unless you are using a CRT monitor (non-flat), grab a camera, take a picture of the blue-sceen, and report back the stop code, or just post the image.

    When your computer boots up spam-press F8 (if it beeps at you, don't worry-just spam a little slower, about once a second or so...) That will let you choose the boot option, you want 'Safe Mode', particularly I recommend 'Safe Mode with Networking'.

    If it still blue screens, Data backup and recovery should be your focus; when windows blue-screens during a safe-mode boot, it's not pretty.

    Once you post the stop-code we'll have a lot more the work with.
    IF you get to safe mode, there's a good chance it's fixable.

    #If all programs were like Dr.Watson, near impossible to crash/make non-responsive, computing would be much easier.
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