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Tried switching from intergrated graphics to a 5830 and in bios i switched the display side port mode to disabled and the primary graphics to the PCI whatever letters after it. Now there is no display coming from the intergrated vga or the 5830 hdmi. How do i fix this?
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  1. When installing a video card into a system that has integrated graphics, you shouldn't have to do anything in BIOS, at least to my knowledge. Usually the system detects that there's a graphics card installed and just defaults to it, unless someone can correct me here?
  2. Well, to get the IGP to work again just reset the BIOS. Usually there will be a jumper to remove that will do so. Look in your motherboard's manual.
  3. Thanks i reset bios using the jumpers and i got it working again
  4. Now you just need the card working... what kind of power supply are you using?
  5. I got my friend to come over and he got it working, idk what he did, thanks for all the help though!
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