Modular, blue LED PSU?

Hello and Merry Christmas all! :D

I have a little question. Anybody have any suggestions for a semi-decent PSU from a reliable brand which has both modular cable management and blue LEDs? I'm probably looking for a price range between $50 to $110 AUD.

I did a bit of a search, and could only find this Raidmax one; I read a few reviews, and even though they weren't bad, I'd prefer a better-known brand.

If not, I'll probably just have to go for my old OCZ Fatality, and put up with the red LED hehe :(
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  1. Cheers for the suggestion mate, but yeah, I checkted it out and the cheapest I can get it for here is $139AUD which is a bit over.
    this isnt the most well known of brands, but in reviews both the 850w and 1000w versions got very high scores.

    here is another one from the same series:

    raidmax has a very bad reputation. dont use the raidmax :)
    this turned out to be a raidmax:
  3. Haha thanks for the vid. I may forgo the Raidmax methinks.
  4. Raidmax is a well known brand - unfortunately. That particular Raidmax is not too bad if you derate it by 20% and treat it as a 500 watt PSU.
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