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My first build....what should I look to upgrade first?

AMD Phenom iix4 955 BE


4 gb G.skill (4 x 1gb)

Sapphire Radeon HD 5770

OCZ 700w PSU

WD 360gb HDD

My primary interests are gaming and surfing the web.
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  1. Hard to tell, spirlaizer. You don't have links or prices or budget for the total system. Two things to upgrade off the bat, you should get a case to put all this equipment in, and a heatsink to overclock it.

    After that, the video card: GTX460 is much more powerful for gaming. The hard drive. Is that a legacy HDD left over from an old PC? If you are buying new, go with at least 500 GB or 1 TB. The prices are not that much greater for considerably more space.
  2. Oops....forgot to mention the case. Lancool PC-K7. The entire build has cost me $591 because I found some nice deals on newegg. The HD 5770 has been nice so far, but i'm only gaming at 1280x1024. The only thing I kept from my old PC was my monitor...an old Sony 17 inch.

    The HDD is brand new. I really don't need more than 300gb. I download stuff, burn it, then erase it.

    I would like to overclock, but I'm afraid i'll damage something. I'm running all stock fans and my case has 3 built in fans.
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