Hard disk not working properly.


I have recently purchased samsung UE40ES6907 3D television and 2000GB seagate hard disk. when i tried to play 3D movies stored in my hard disk, the first day it played well. but from the second day when i want to play movies from my hard disk, my television is getting hang and m not able to do anything. but when m playing with another hard disk of 1000 gb and 500 gb or 4 gb pen drive, it is working properly. please suggest what should i do.
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  1. return it.
  2. Your 2TB may got some bad sectors inside. Run a full bad sector repair test using seatools for dos. Its free u can find on seagate website.
    Run a hard drive on your computer and keep a monitor on its temperature using CrystalDiskInfo. Anything above 40'C is bad for your HD.
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