My computer only has one visible power slot for a graphics card with t

Hi, my computer model is an emachine ET1331-02.
As I've already had enough trouble breaking open the back of the case's metal slots (problem described here:, now another problem arises.
I'm only 14, and I don't know too much about computers themselves. I recently got this new graphics card to enhance my computer, a Sapphire Radeon HD 4850, and its power connector has two individual slots, and in my machine, I can only see one visible slot to plug it in. Do I need both to power the card? If not, which one do I use (one has 3 wires connected and the other has 5)? And if I do need both.... I only have one slot. Please help me figure this predicament out.

On a side note, in the package with the Radeon HD 4850 came a copper wired thingamabob that says cross fire on it. I have no idea what it's supposed to do.
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  1. Don't worry about the crossfire cable, its for using another 4850 in your computer.

    Is that your card?

    I'm confused becuase as far as I know all the 4850's only have a single 6pin slot, not two.
  2. Ok I see, so that GPU has a single 8pin power connector. Still, not a dual power connector.

    Now are you saying that you don't have enough expansion slots for the card? You should as the PCI-e slot is the top slot.
  3. nope, POWER slots. I'd take a picture and that'd be easier, but I don't know how to show it to u.
  4. I don't think your classifing what you are talking about correctly. That card you link only has one power slot. That is a single 8pin slot, it comes with a dual molex to 8pin adapter (which isn't necessary if your power supply has a 8pin PCI cable), if thats what you are taking about?
  5. lol, i have no idea what ur saying. Here, tell me ur email or some way to show u a picture, cuz then it'd be a lot easier to explain.
  6. Where are these "power slots" connected to, your graphics card or your power supply?

    Your power supply should have at least a 6 pin PCI-E power cable, hopefully a 6+2 so you can plug it straight into that 8 pin slot without an adapter.

    If you take a picture upload it to imageshack and post the link to the image here, pictures are often helpful when we might not all be referring to the same things by the same names.
  7. get a new power supply and probably a case to boot (most oem case are rubbish in airflow and will cook your comp alive).

    A good cheap one will be a corsair CX 400w for $29.99 or the 450w for $59.99 after rebates at

    or this new corsair 430w for 49.99 (i have no clue on how this one performs tho)

    Other good manufacturers for PSUs would be antec, seasonic, pc power and cooling , OCZ, some thermaltake models.
  8. dwangus said:
    lol, i have no idea what ur saying. Here, tell me ur email or some way to show u a picture, cuz then it'd be a lot easier to explain.

    The only thing I think you could be talking about is the dongle adapter that comes with the card, its a dual molex to 8 pin PCIe adapter.
  9. ok, since I really don't know anything about computers, here's what I DO know. The one power cable or whatever that connects to the graphics card that came in the same package splits off into two, separate rectangular "insertors" or whatever. And my computer itself, has only ONE rectangular slot whose shape fits either of the two "insertors" perfectly.
  10. I was correct, thats the Dual Molex to 8 pin adapter/dongle.

    A molex connect is the "rectangular insertor" that you are calling it.

    I can't believe your power supply only has ONE free molex connector, maybe there is one tucked away somewhere.

    Looks like you may need to upgrade your power supply.
  11. as far as I can see, there really only is one.
    OMG, this piece of crap. All for one game, I had to literally break the metal plates, buy a $100 graphics card, and now I need to upgrade its power supply?!?!?! It's supposed to be new, with windows 7 and everything =.=

    Maybe I'm not talking about the right thing, I have a picture. I'm really desperate to just install this freaking card. Can I show it to u by email or whatever?
  12. oh and another, smaller one:
  13. Yes, as stated before those are molex connectors. That ONE cable that has a molex connect should have two or three more on the same cable (As you can see your ODD is connected via Molex connector). You could always unplug the power to the ODD (optical disk drive) if you need to, to get you by for now.

    You can then use a crack for the game you are playing so you don't need a CD to play the game (its legal now).
  14. um, the one power slot only leads up to the power box in the upper left hand corner.

    That sounds... complicated. How do I upgrade its power?
  15. You can always just unplug the power to your ODD and use that.
  16. Since your power supply is very limited you will need to upgrade it, since it has so few connectors im not sure it would have enough power to run a 4850. OEMs like HP, Dell, and Emachines use the smallest one they can that will power whats in the system, they dont put in extra so that you can upgrade your system in the future that way they keep their prices down. Upgrading a power supply is actually surprisingly simple, and once you do it it makes most things seem far less daunting. You just unplug all the cables that run from the power supply(aka "power box"), unscrew the 4 screws on the back that hold it in, slide it forward a bit and pull it out, put the new one in, screw it in, and plug the cables from it into everywhere you removed a power cable.

    You can pick up an Antec EA500D for $50 after promo code, it will have plenty of power and connectors to power everything in your system
  17. well, i dont wanna really spend anymore money... but then again, I don't really see how I am able to unplug the power to my ODD and furthermore how to use a "crack" for my game.
  18. Do you see the molex connector that is plugged into your ODD (which is your CD-ROM Drive if you didn't know), just pull it out, and use that for your graphics card dongle instead. Obviously you would lose function of the CD-Drive, but I don't even use mine anymore.
  19. uhhh... when i unplug it, i dont get that white rectangular power slot thing, i get this black thing similar to the "PB" thing traced back from the first molex connector.
  20. Oh ok your ODD is sata not molex, it looks IDE from the picture, but its hard to tell. Well I have never seen a PSU that only has one molex connector, there should be another some where.

    But in all hoensty a PSU upgrade seems to be in order.
  21. Someone got very creative with that PSU to keep prices down, i have never seen a Molex and a SATA on the same string, but it looks like there is a SATA plugged into the hard drive that then leads to the only free molex connector, yet for some reason there is an old floppy drive connector included. If you ever want to change anything in your system you will need to upgrade the PSU.

    Next time you are considering buying a computer, swing by here first we can walk you through picking out parts and building it yourself to avoid the hassle that you run into with prebuilts.
  22. well, it looks like the situation was... somewhat resolved. Looks like I only have one way to go if i still want to keep all my files in this one, crappy computer. Is $50 the cheapest price? Cuz in reality, i only really need to molex connectors.
  23. two*
  24. Is that what happened on that PSU? LOL. No wonder I was confused.

    I'd still be hard pressed to be believe there is only one molex connector on the whole PSU even if it low end.
  25. dwangus said:
    well, it looks like the situation was... somewhat resolved. Looks like I only have one way to go if i still want to keep all my files in this one, crappy computer. Is $50 the cheapest price? Cuz in reality, i only really need to molex connectors.

    Are you saying you have 50 dollars to purchase a PSU?

    If so....
  26. i'd keep searching for a new molex connectore, but in reality, i can't find another one like it in the 2 hours i've spent working on this.

    Thx for the site and advice anyways tho!
  27. As long as you are dealing with ET1331 systems and graphics cards I'd like to ask something. I have an ET1331 and have tried to add a Radeon HD 5550 Graphics card. Basically I want it for the dual monitor output. When I plug it in the monitors go straight to sleep mode. I can't seem to do anything to get the system to recognize that the card in the PCI-E is even there. It doesn't require any additional power from the PSU. Thanks
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