I3 or Core 2 Duo processor

I want to buy a laptop for my parents just for normal browsing and video chat ...Could someone suggest whether I should go for i3 or Core 2 duo would be fine ? I know i3 would be faster than core 2 duo but is it worth spending just for normal browsing n video chat...
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  1. Personally I woundn't spend the extra money on an I3 if you folks are going to video chat and browse only. I have an asus laptop with a 2ghz C2D and it handles skype with no issues.

    Remember this is a tech site with tech people who alsways assume people want to do the latest and greatest with their computers so many resposes will tell you to get the I3 cause your folks might want to game or do some complex video editing or something, but if you know for a fact they wont be doing that then just ignore those reponses.

    If its video chat only and web browsing, microsoft office kinda stuff a C2D is just fine.
  2. C2D is old - go with the i3 if its around the same price
  3. apache_lives said:
    C2D is old - go with the i3 if its around the same price

    The key is IF its the same price. He specifically said the i3 is more money. Why should he spend more money for a newer chip for no other reason than its a newer chip when a c2d will handle his parents needs (browsing/ video chat) just fine?
  4. I would argue to get whatever is cheaper. 4GBs of ram and webcam, etc is what you need. CPU power with what you listed doesn't really matter.
  5. well if u r getting it for ur parents then get a c2d if its cheaper. I dont think a c2d will be even fully utilized for just browsing n video chat.C2d is best for u dont spend money on i3 :)
  6. And in case I wasn't clear enough, I'd include AMD CPUs in your search as well. Whatever cheap laptop you find with the things you need. I wouldn't worry about the CPU. (dual core obviously, but other then that....)
  7. Depends on the difference in price, is it 20 dollars or 200 dollars?
  8. Core 2 duo should be enough for video chat and browsing.
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