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So i currently have a 64 GB SSD. I originally bough a Seagate Cheetah as my main storage device but i bought the wrong model number and it was for a server. Now i'm wondering if I should just buy a normal hdd for my main storage or should i go with a hybrid. It comes down to whether or not an HHDD will outperform an HDD if i already have a 64GB SSD. Thanks for reading and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would buy a normal HDD for bulk storage.
    The value of a hybrid with cache happens only when you can repeatedly access a small portion of the whole drive. The speed comes from finding the data in the cache.

    But... if that is the case, then you would be better served to get a ssd larger than the 64gb ssd which holds your os and a few other things.

    The expensive 15K cheetah was a sas connected drive which will not work in a normal sata pc.
    Also, 10k and 15k drives are not any faster for bulk storage than a normal 7200 rpm drive.
    The 10k and 15k rotation speeds help with random access. But, a ssd will be 50x faster in random access.

    Considering your $300+ budget for the cheetah, I would suggest replacing the 64gb ssd with a 240gb ssd, and buying a 1tb or 2tb drive for bulk storage(like video files)
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