G.Skill 8gb ram compatibility with these Motherboards?

I am looking for some help with a build that i want to complete within a month. This is a build that is within my budget. I am deciding between the 3 following motherboards.

ASRock M3A770DE

The ram that i have already purchased. This will be paired with either a AMD x4 955 or 965 BE CPU.

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

I have confirmed that all 3 boards support 1600mhz ram, even the biostar does it's just not listed. The problem i am facing is the documentation on the motherboard websites is outdated because these are slightly older motherboards. The memory QVL documents don't show any of the newer memory models. I would prefer the biostar motherboard but any of the 3 will do. I just want to make sure that everything will be compatible. Perhaps someone out there has a similar build and can confirm? Thanks in advance for any info.
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  1. I have yet to see G.Skill ram fail to be properly recognized in a system. I think you are safe.
  2. G.SKILL is your best source to advise if this memory will work with your CPU and mobo(s).
  3. I realize these sites have information but they either have outdated information or information that only covers newer components. I have already emailed G.Skill, i was just hoping someone here had first hand knowledge of this ram and one of the boards that i have listed.
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