Finished first build. now what anti virus

I just finished my first gaming build thanks to this place. I've Ben playing on it a few days now and no problems. I trying to determine if I need AntiVirus now though. This computer is for online gaming only. I've heard some people say avg is good for gaming computer and some say that if only used for gaming and no surfing then I don't need one at all. Can anyone please tell me what to do here. If I do need one I don't want one that will slow my computer down .
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  1. I use avg9 free edition fine on my WoW pc,
    because you have recently built a comp, I'm assuming you should be able to run Av and games simultaneously with no detrimental effects on performance
    but you definately DO want some form of antivirus if your online,even if your not surfing, your still connected to the net
  2. Will I be needing spyware also
  3. I'm using AVG free; hard to beat the price/performance.

    If you dont have an internet connection, you dont need an antivirus. If you dont care about losing everything on the HDD, reformatting and re-installing occasionally then you dont need an antivirus. If you play any online games, you better have one as a basic precaution against a keylogger stealing your account passwords. If you are running a new x3 or x4 CPU, it wont slow your gaming down noticeably, even if it starts a scan in the background.

    Spyware is more often obtained by browsing or downloading. If you do internet browsing to look up game info then its probably a good idea. Malwarebytes and Adaware are what I use (both free).
  4. Avira has always been consistent with performing very well. Check this out:
    Only problem I think is an ad popup, but you can disable it if you google about it and follow some steps.

    Also look around this forum.

    Avira Download
  5. Decade said:
    Will I be needing spyware also

    +1 for Avira or AVG and you don't need spyware, trust me. Get an anti-spyware instead like Spybot (free).
  6. I like Avast anti-virus, another free for home use AV program.
  7. Ok so avg and spybot and I should be good?
  8. Yep. And just a word of advice, don't get viruses or spyware in the first place. Don't download illegal content, browse safely (firefox with WOT and Adblock+ always worked great for me), and be careful about any programs you download.
  9. And dont answer any emails about your WoW account. Especially if you dont play wow. I get phishing emails, especially from places pretending to be from a game company (WoW and Aion seem most common) trying to get me to give them my game accounts and password. I dont even play WoW or Aion.
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