Strange PSU Problem

So I got a graphics card and a new psu for xmas.
thankfully I decided to install the PSU and make sure it works separately

Old PSU:
OCZ Stealthstream 600w

New PSU: Corsair TX 850w

: Windows doesn't start!

Details of my own analysis:

Fizzing or sound comes from the PSU. Then there is a click. And then I think the HDD cuts out and restarts (in mid startup. Ergo, windows freezes and doesn't start)

Note: Old PSU works fine. However it makes the same fizzing sounds when my CPU goes under load! but still works fine.

immediate Reaction:

Rubbish PSU, or a connection isn't in properly.
But if my old PSU makes the same sounds and that one cuts out? AND I've double checked all connections.

Steps taken so far:

-Loaded failsafe defaults through Bios
-Ran windows Error Recovery
-Tried both PSUs
-Posted this thread using PC with old PSU.

RIG currently:
-i5 750 @2.66 ghz
-4gb ddr3
-Gigibyte GA-P55M-UD2 motherboard
-Palite GT220 Graphics card
-500gb sata HDD
-Standard DVD/CD RW Drive
-OCZ Stealthstream 600w PSU
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  1. If all connection are done correctly then a faulty new PSU is a good possibility.
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