SanDisk SDSSDX-240G-G25 or SAMSUNG 830?

Which one should I get? I have found the Sandisk for £120 and the Samsung for £140.
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  1. I would vote for Samsung or Intel for reliability.
    Read this:
    Intel and Samsung make their own nand chips and can control validation better.
    Ignore synthetic benchmarks as a decision criteria, they are all indistinguishably fast.
  2. Thanks for the input, so you are suggesting I get the Samsung 830?
  3. olie777 said:
    Thanks for the input, so you are suggesting I get the Samsung 830?

    Of the two, yes, the samsung 830.

    Samsung is discounting the 830 drives to clear out inventory for the 840 series replacement. The 840 is based on smaller mfg tech and will be cheaper to produce.
    Otherwise, they are equivalent.

    If you find Intel 330 on sale cheaper, then that is ok too. Intel is clearing out for the 335 series for the same reason too.
  4. Sandisk makes their own chips as well... if you would be buying the Pro level of Samsung 830 or 840, that would probably be a better choice... but the reliability and benchmarks between the two will be almost identical (maybe sandisk even a bit better than regular grade samsung)... I would rather spend the $20+ celebrating getting a new drive :D
  5. Samsung Pro 840.
  6. Have looked into it, out of my price range.
  7. i have both these hard disks and a intel 335 series in my system, performance wise and price wise sandisk is best.
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