Budget Gaming PC Ordering SOON! Please help!

I asked about help on a build earlier - now my money is in, combos changed, AND I have recently read about AMD's 6XXX series coming out in Q1 of 2011 so I am completely confused on which route I want to go. Anyone and everyone's help will be greatly appreciated on helping me get the most 'bang for my buck'! I have been following Tom's Hardware for a while now and have seen that you guys can be a great deal of help which is exactly why I came here!

What I'm looking for: Budget gaming computer around $1200 - $1300. (Could be willing to go a LITTLE higher if it would be worth it)

Longevity - Want it to be able to withstand the rapidly changing world of computers and gaming as long as possible.

Performance - I want to be able to play even the highest end games on high or ultra settings.

What I need included in the build: Every basic component in building a computer as well as a monitor (1080p), keyboard and mouse, wireless network adapter. Do not need OS!

Considering Crossfire or SLI (perhaps in a future upgrade, perhaps now..)

Preferred site: Newegg.com, but I'm definitely open for cheaper options. I do NOT live near a Microcenter.

Combos! Combos! Combos! I am ordering REALLY soon (today if I can get some solid help!) Combos will be okay, and preferred!)

Also, I go to school for computer programming, but am not far into it yet. This is the computer I will probably be using for writing my programs, but I do not want it to take precedence over the gaming aspects. This is primarily a GAMING pc, but feel free to take that into consideration!

Please help me save as much money and get a solid computer! Thanks!
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  1. Most rumours are pointing out that the 6xxx series will start trickling in during October and possibly be widely available during November. I just ordered my new pc a few hours ago and will be using the integrated graphics until I can upgrade to a 6xxx series.

    Sorry about not being able to help with newegg, I am in the U.K.My budget was £1k which is probably about the same as your budget if you factor in the higher costs here. I ended up spending just under £1.1k without a graphics card.

    Feel free to check my thread out. It is the £1000 WoW PC thread.
  2. Anyone got some build ideas? devroz thanks, but people used quite a few u.k. sites and tbh I am quite lost when it comes to the money conversion lmao. What is the ratio?
  3. It really depends how urgent your need to game is - for peeps just want to build a workable rig *now* but muling over discrete GPU option later in the year one could always build an IGP rig with the sturdy nest of course i.e 80+ PSU, etc
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