After installng second sata windows won't boot

after installing old sata drive (reformatted) from crashed twin PC the computer won't boot anymore.
I've cheked all BIOS settings ike boot order etcetera of the Neo P965. but no result!
When connected as externa drive the sata gives no problem.
Whatis causing this problem?
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  1. it could be that the MBR sees the 2ND drive as the main drive or the second drive could have a left over hidden boot partion from windows vista/7/8 i find this issue is common with drives from other pc's when the free space doesnt match the normal size of the drive its almost always a sure sign of a hidden partition i find and there almost always easy to fix when in windows hook it up as an external drive and go to the start menu (vista/7/8) and type (with out quotes) "create and format hard disk partitions" now open up my computer and find the drive (not drive0 this is windows and its files) and locate that drive letter in the format utilty and you should see 1 or more partitions on that drive the one you made will have the drive letter any other drive will have no letter and will be asumed hidden that is the target i find in windows this partition is 400MB< and should be called system reserved on the second drive (again do not delete system reserved on >>>drive0<<< you will distory your windows install)

    update: the system reserved drive of your main drive can not be removed from within windows

    the second drive will have no such protection so delete that partition and you should be able to use it for data storage or what ever you choose to use the second drive as
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